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Superhero Wedding Ideas!

Photo source: Wedding Row

Ladies Geeking Out is celebrating love all week by taking a look at how geeks express their love for each other and for their own awesome geekiness. We continue our Valentine's Day countdown with the next themed-wedding idea: Superheroes!!! Get ready for some kick-ass wedding ideas that will make you and your significant other feel like real superheroes!


1. Turn your wedding invitations into comic books!

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Photo source: When Geeks Wed

2. Have fun with your wardrobe! You can fully dress as a superhero or find creative ways to show your love for a specific character.

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3. You can also get creative with your bouquet! Use comic books or use colors that represent your favorite superhero!

Photo source: MuscariWhitesFlorist

Photo source: Bridal Guide

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4. You can have a really fun and colorful wedding cake or one with a "secret identity"...

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Photo source: Offbeat Bride

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5. Use superheroes as cake toppers!

Photo source: Etsy

Photo source: Etsy

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6. Use comic books as table arrangements to turn all your guests into superhero fans!

Photo source: Offbeat Bride

Photo source: Clever Wedding Ideas

Photo source: When Geeks Wed

7. Have superhero-inspired drinks and food!

Photo source: The Wedding Notebook

Photo source: PopSugar

Just remember, no matter what you do, it is YOUR wedding, make it fun for YOU!

Photo source: PopSugar