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17 Life Lessons Learned While Watching Supernatural

1. Never forget the pie!

2. Humor is important, especially in the bleakest of moments.

3. No matter what happens, family is the most important thing ever! They will sometimes drive you crazy and sometimes they will do things that will require you to forgive them in a big way. Do it - for them and for yourself!

4. Family isn't only about blood. Your family can be whomever you choose it to be.

5. Having people in your life that you can completely trust is important, and often rare. When you find those people, don't let them go.

6. We can't always see the path laid out for us. We won't always know our purpose. But, when we do discover our path/our purpose - it will require our devotion.

7. Occasionally to achieve your goals, you will have to go to hell and back

8. Other times, to achieve your goals, it will be necessary for you to work with people you don't care for and whom you know have another agenda.

9. At times your path in life will be shared with others. At times you will travel this path alone.

10. Wisdom and knowledge do not come easily, but develop over time.

11. Making a huge impact on the world does not require a college education.

12. Life can be lived without an excess of things. (Seriously, do they drive a TARDIS? Where do they keep all their suits?)

13. You get to decide if you see life as a series of challenges or a series of victories.

14. It is important to let who you truly are as a person shine through in everything you do.

15. Life is hard and often messy, but the work we do is important and matters to others.

16. Our work in this life is never done.

17. When everything is going wrong and the world seems like it is about end, Keep Calm and Yell Assbutt!