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If you’re lucky, you have never experienced the blue screen of death.  It can be terrifying.  You rack your brain trying to remember the last time (if ever) you backed up your hard drive. 


Terrifying... I know...

                So, what is the blue screen of death?  It’s an error message from windows letting you know there is a problem, usually after a fatal system error has occurred.  What causes it? Malfunctioning hardware, poorly written device drivers and overheating are just a few causes. 

                Can you fix it?  In many circumstances, you will need to take your computer to a professional.  However, there are some things you can try yourself.   First, be proactive.   I cannot stress the importance of backing-up any picture, videos, documents, etc. that you would be devastated to lose.  Many times, these things cannot be recovered, even by professionals. 

                Sometimes, simply hitting CTRL+ALT+DEL can fix the problem.  If you are like me, and aren’t that lucky, try holding the power key until it shuts down and then rebooting.    These are simple fixes to try and sometimes will actually fix the problem. 

                The final thing to do is use the System Restore/Recovery CD.  Insert the CD and reboot the computer.  Hit F2 to at start-up, then hit R to launch the recovery console.  It will ask for the Administrator password.  For most home computer, there isn’t one, and you can just hit enter.  Then enter chkdsk /r  to begin the repair.  This might take a while.  The last time I did this it took over 8 hours.

If none of these work for you, it is time to take it to a professional.  It can be costly and there is no guarantee of recovery.  Worst case scenario is the hard drive is shot.  If that is the case, it might be more cost effective to replace the entire computer, and not just the hard drive.

Even The Doctor has to deal with it....