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Fun Instagram Accounts to Follow

1. Darryll Jones (@darrylljones): Darryll is a professional photographer who every day shares beautifully shot photos that show a wide range of toys getting into all sorts of shenanigans. If you love toys, Star Wars, and constantly smiling, then this account is for you.

From adorable stormtroopers...

... to this adorable robot...

... to a streaking Barney...

... to this...

2. Sandra Suarez (@artedemirar): Sandra is a Spanish artist that is currently doing a year long project where she creates colorful and extremely creative masks every day. Masks range in characters and they are sure to put a smile on your face.

3. Helene Meldahl (@mirrosme): Helene is a self proclaimed doodler from Norway whose amazing mirror selfies have increased the bar way high. Hey, my goal is to at least look decent in my selfies. She has been featured in media all over the world and I always look forward to what she's going to doodle next.

4. Rafael Mantesso (@rafaelmantesso): Rafael is a Brazilian co-founder of a gastronomy institute, who after going through a divorce, decided to start taking pictures of his bull terrier, Jimmy Choo, with his own doodles. He also combines the doodles with real objects and creates beautiful art photography.

5. Fashion by Mayhem (@2sisters_angie): The account belongs to Angie, Mayhem's mom. Yes, Mayhem. Coolest name EVER. I've never seen a more creative and determined little girl. Mayhem and her mom work together to create amazing paper dresses. She has become a sensation in the fashion world, has been featured in Vogue magazine and was invited to this year's NY fashion week. She's a great role model for creative little girls.

6. Me! (@aurorabubbaloo): All of these accounts and many others inspired me to do my own photo project. Shameless plug alert... Being the huge Back to the Future fan I am, I decided to photograph my toy Delorean having adventures while time traveling. My goal is to take 365 pictures, but I may continue if I don't run out of ideas by then.

Make sure to check all these Instagram accounts and support them! Did any of these accounts inspire you? Maybe for your own photo project, a book, or even your own art! What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts? Make sure to share them in the comments below!

-Aurora Bubbaloo