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Easy last minute Halloween costume ideas...

We've all been there... Halloween starts creeping on us and we are again looking for a costume last minute... Well, don't panic! Here are a couple easy and clever Halloween costumes you can put together last minute and with things you probably already own!

1. Black & white film characters - You'll need black and white face paint, which you can buy at any Halloween store, and black and white clothes! Just cover your face and any exposed body parts in white face/body paint and put on black lipstick. If you have dark hair that is a plus, but if you don't, you can always wear a wig or a black/white hat. If you have time you can add some grey to your cheeks to contour them and use black eye shadow to make your eyes pop. Vintage-looking jewelry will also help give the costume that old-timey feel to it.

2. Medussa - You'll need fake rubber snakes and hair pins. Depending on how detailed you want your costume, you will need make up too. Fake rubber snakes are very cheap and you can find the in any Halloween store or toy store. Just pin them to your hair any way you like. You can have your hair up or down. You can also have different types and sizes of snakes. Just be creative! As long as you have snakes in your hair, everyone will know you are Medussa.

3. Pop art - If you are a creative artsy spirit, this costume is for you, but anyone can try it! You'll need make up and face paint. You can always be as creative as you want and wear bright colored clothes and maybe a bright yellow or red wig. But if you don't have time for that, just stick with the make up. Here are a couple of examples and references. You can also find easy YouTube tutorials to help you with the make up.

4. Guess Who characters - For this one, all you need is cardboard, markers, and scissors to make the square your face will be in. It is super easy! You can go as a specific character from the game, which will require more effort on your part. But, if you are really in a rush, just go as yourself. Just write your name on the square! That's it!

5. Nudist on strike - Did you wait until October 31st to find your costume? Then this costume is for you! Just dress like you normally do or try to cover as much skin as you can with gloves, hats, etc. Then, get a piece of paper, write "Nudist on Strike" on it, tape it on your chest, and done! You are a nudist on strike! A quick costume that will surely make people laugh!

6. Sims character - For this one, all you need is the green Sims symbol on your head. Get some green paper and use the instructions below to create it. You'll need a plastic headband and pipe cleaner in a color that matches your hair. You can find the instructions here. After you have the head piece, you can basically wear whatever you want!  You are a Sim!

7. Google maps - This one is very easy and fun to make. All you need is red cardboard, yellow duct tape, scissors, markers, and a t-shirt you don't mind messing up. First make the headpiece with the red cardboard. Once that's done, use the t-shirt as a canvas to make the map. You can use the yellow duct tape to make the roads and everything else can be done with the markers. You can also print the house, restaurant, gas signs and tape them on the t-shirt. It all depends on how much time you actually have.

8. Identity Thief - Another super easy and fun costume! All you need are name tags! That's it! Just write random names on the name tags or for extra fun, write the names of your friends! Make as many as you want and after you are done just put them all over you. For some extra fun, you can wear a mask, sunglasses, or something to cover your face. That's it! You are an identity thief!

9. Jellyfish - You'll need an umbrella and strings of different colors. You don't need a clear umbrella only either, it can be a light colored umbrella. Just glue the string around the edges. It is up to you how colorful your jellyfish is. Just have fun with it! Make sure that you are able to actually see through the strings though... You don't want to be bumping with people all night...

10. Rosie the Riveter - This is one of my favorite costumes! You'll need a long sleeve jean shirt or royal blue shirt, jeans, a red head scarf, and red lipstick. Just roll up the shirt sleeves up to your elbows. There are many tutorials you can find online to achieve Rosie's hair-do. Add some red to your lips and that's it!

Hope these costume ideas help you and inspire you! Remember that Halloween is all about having fun in a costume that YOU feel comfortable in. Do not dress to impress anyone, just have fun and enjoy! If you have any other ideas of fun, clever, easy Halloween costumes, make sure to share them in the comments below! If you go as any of the costumes mentioned here, post your photos in our Facebook page! Happy Halloween and be safe!